Young Investors


For grades 9 - 12



Course Description:

Being able to manage your money is an important life skill. In this class, students will be equipped with analytical tools and financial theories to make good investment decisions, specifically in the area of stock portfolio management. Students will learn about important investment criteria including investment principles (compound interest, time horizon), investment process (investment policy, asset allocation, and security analysis), specific investment products (mutual funds, hedge funds) and various investment methods (fundamental analysis, technical analysis). Along the way, students will become familiar with the basic vocabulary of the stock market, learn how to read market reports, and understand the risks and opportunities involved in investing. They also will meet with investment professionals who can answer their questions about the complex world of corporate finance. Students will take these lessons and apply them as they manage and operate their own large stock portfolio, testing their skills against one another in a simulated trade environment. Aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in the field of finance are encouraged to sign up for this opportunity to experience the exciting world of the stock market firsthand.



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