College Counseling Advice for Seniors

Dear Seniors,

With immersion just one week away and some Early Decision and Early Action news set to release the week of December 11, we want to provide you with some important advice.

1.      Remember the agreement you made so earnestly to one another at the Senior College Kick-off about not posting your decisions on social media.  Celebrate your news the old-school way: face-to-face, or on the phone!

2.       Immersion is an incredibly special experience and the number of high schools offering such a program is extremely limited.  This is your last immersion—savor it, appreciate it, respect the work that you and others have put into it.  We strongly recommend that you refrain from checking decisions while participating in immersion, unless you are checking from home at the beginning or at the end of the day.  Remember that hearing college decisions – no matter the outcome -  affects everyone.  If you choose to check a decision while you are away, you immediately take yourself out of the “immersive” experience, and because you’ll want to process your news, you will take others out their experiences, too.  Talk with the seniors in your immersion and consider how you can best care for one another as decisions are released. We know it’s hard, but think about making an agreement not to check your college decisions while you’re away. Support each other in this unusual opportunity to exercise delayed gratification.

3.       Your college counselors will be at school throughout immersion, so it may be possible to schedule an appointment before or after your day begins, or during lunch.  Let us know if you’d like to take advantage of the time while you’re on campus.  We will have very limited availability during winter break and admission offices will be closed.  Please ask us to read drafts of essays and review applications BEFORE the break.

Please keep us posted about decisions and let us know all about your amazing immersion experiences!

Take care,

Melissa & Steffany

phu tranchi