How to Submit Immersion Photographs

How to Submit Immersion Photographs


We are using to host and organize our collection of photos from this year’s Immersion Courses. Simply email your photos to or drag and drop the photos directly into the album at

We had to abbreviate some of the course names for the album emails. Please check below to confirm your Yogile links.

Looking forward to seeing what you all are up to!


Animal Rights Activism:


California Drought: The Grapes of Wrath Today:


California Land and Sea:


Computer Animation:


Exploring Biodiversity in Tropical Ecosystems:


Explore LA:


Film Studies: Race Matters:


Freedom Fighters: A Civil Rights Road Trip:


Gendered Science:


Golf for Life:


Grassroots Activism:


History and Production of TV Game Shows:


Jewish and Arabic Influences on Spanish Culture:


Kayaking and Connecting:


Kinetic Art:


LA Outdoor Adventures:


LA Rides: Because Nobody Walks in LA:


Los Angeles Photo Project:


Land to Marine Environmental Service:


Landscape Photography:


Mandarin Language and Cultural Immersion:


It’s So Weird! Non-Traditional Public Art


Ocean Sailing and Navigation:


The Origins of Jazz:


Performance for the Camera:


Play Jazz:




Rollercoasters: Physics in Action:


Science of the Magical:


Screenplay: The First Ten Pages:


Shall We Play A Game:


Staying Safe:


Touring the World Through Cooking and Culture:


You Are What You Eat:


Young Investors: