Course Planning Tools

You can find all sorts of Course Planning Tools and Guides below. If there's something you think might be useful on this page and don't see it below, please email us your suggestions!



 to Z Survival Guide


New Course proposal guideline

Please follow this guideline to submit a new course proposal or when amending a current course description. To access the document, click on the ready-for-class bunny or here. 


Turn in your syllabus here. Click on Grumpy Cat or here to go to the submission form.

Travel resources

You will find all information from Tour Companies here

Grading and evaluation guidelines

Click on the Graduation Guinea Pig or here to access the grading and evaluation guide.

Roommate request form

Click here or on the animal roommates to see and download the roommate request form. You can distribute this to your students to fill out to make your job of placing them together much easier.


Find all behavior, cell phone, and other policies here or by clicking on the birds getting along so well. 


Click here for information on bus travel, requests for buses, and all associated forms.


We want to see what you're up to! Click on the lemurs above or here for directions and details!

requests and needs

Click here for a request form (for things like public transportation passes, admission to museums, tech needs, etc....). 

Final presentation schedule

There is an opportunity to share your class's experience with everyone who will be on campus at the end of the Immersion Period. While many courses will still be traveling or just not planning on meeting on the last day of Immersion, many will be conducting evaluation meetings and presenting their final projects toward the end of the second week. Please let us know when you would like to share your experiences on either Thursday Dec 14 or Friday Dec 15 by filling in this sheet. Thank you!

Chaperone & secondary teacher sign up

Click on the animal friends or here to sign up to be a chaperone or second teacher for an Immersion Course.