Celebrating & Deconstructing Star Wars


For grades 7 - 8



Course Description:

Are you a Star Wars fan? (OK, dumb question…of course you are!) Let’s use Immersion to delve deeply into the Star Wars phenomenon: we will analyze the Star Wars films to uncover the secrets to their enduring popularity. Through lively discussion, special guests, and even a few off-campus adventures, we will learn to appreciate these films in a whole new way. How do the Star Wars stories relate to the mythology of cultures around the world? What religious traditions and philosophical thinkers did George Lucas draw on when he created the Force, the Jedi, etc.? What is the historical significance of the Star Wars films from an artistic and cultural standpoint? We will explore all of these questions, and much more–including the questions and ideas you bring to the course. We’ll even go to Disneyland to experience the latest incarnation of Star Tours! And we’ll make a special trip to Death Valley, where we can see several iconic locations from the films, and enjoy the serene beauty of the vast desert while we contemplate the Force.

Your guide, Danny Holt (the chair of Oakwood’s summer music program at ACE) has been an obsessed Star Wars fan since before you were born, and is thrilled to see the recent resurgence in popularity of the Star Wars franchise. Let’s enjoy this opportunity to take something beloved and familiar and turn it into a valuable learning experience!


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