Rock Climbing


For grades 10 - 12



Course Description:


Afraid of heights? Can’t do a pull up? Unbelievably stressed? This class will encourage you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone--and teach you how to do so safely. We begin with some basic strengthening exercises and body awareness techniques, learning how to work the major muscle groups involved in climbing. We will spend a few days receiving instruction at Stronghold Climbing Gym in downtown LA, then head off to nearby crags (Stoney Point, Echo Cliffs, Riverside Quarry) to practice. Tracking your goals and reflecting on your feelings through daily journalling, you will be amazed by how quickly you move from an introductory level into intermediate climbing skills.

The benefits of Rock Climbing go well beyond the physical challenges, however, and we will approach climbing as a way to develop our mental and social skills—learning to listen and communicate as part of a team. An emphasis on wellness through yoga, personal training and a nutritionally sound and sustainable diet will provide you with tools that will resonate in diverse ways across your daily life. And you will feel awesome! This outlet helps to develop mental and social skills in an alternative, challenging, exhilarating, and fun setting.

Do I have physical and mental limits that can be overcome through clean eating and proper exercise in tandem with rock climbing?

Do the challenges presented through rock climbing help me to gain more confidence to take on other goals / problems?

This immersion is designed as a boot camp. Through instruction at local climbing gyms and nearby crags the students will have opportunities to develop introductory skills into intermediate very quickly.

Activites include:

1. Equipment Overview

2. Clean Eating

3. Team work & Problem Solving

4. Understanding of major muscle groups used in climbing

5. Indoor Rock Climbing @ Stronghold (DTLA)

6. Yoga and developing balance

7. Weight Training

8. Presentations & Documentary footage from experienced climbers

9. (2) Day trips to local crags: Stoney Point & Echo Cliffs

Dates of Travel: December 9-13

Supplemental Fee: $1000


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Schedule and detailed information is available to students and their families via Oakwood Connected.


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