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Policies & Expectations

Oakwood students are bound by the school’s policies both on and off campus throughout the Immersion program. Please consult the Parent/Student Handbook for further information on behavioral and academic expectations. Please see behavioral guidelines for all excursions here.


Immersion runs from December 5 – December 15, 2017. Each Immersion class will have its own daily schedule, and some may include evening or weekend events. Some course descriptions include travel dates that may return later than December 15. All other schedules will be sent home in early November so parents and students can make appropriate arrangements. Students are expected to attend all sessions of their classes as scheduled, including any travel component. Since Immersion courses meet for only two weeks, absences for vacations, routine medical appointments, and other preventable causes will not be excused.


Student athletes will be able to choose from all Immersion courses and still honor their team commitment. The Athletic Director has arranged for practices and games to be mandatory only for the first week of Immersion (December 5–December 9) to permit student athletes to elect a travel course.  Athletes are expected to honor their commitment to practices during the second week of Immersion if there is not a conflict with their Immersion course.


Every student is required to complete one Immersion course each academic year as part of the school’s graduation requirement. These courses become part of a student’s academic record and will appear on student transcripts.

Course Scheduling

Students must complete course selection forms and return them by the appropriate deadlines (see Key Dates for Immersion, below). Students who do not fill out the selection form in its entirety may be placed in any open Immersion course. Maximum and minimum enrollments may vary by course, and the school may have to cancel or cap courses based on these limits. Every effort will be made to schedule students into their preferred courses.

Fees and Financial Support

The cost for most courses is covered by the school’s Immersion fee. In some cases, and for all international trips, an additional charge is listed because of the expense of a given course. Every effort has been made to keep costs reasonable while maintaining the integrity of this program. As always, the school remains committed to providing an inclusive environment where students can enjoy a full range of programmatic opportunities, and limited financial support is available in cases where need merits. Information and forms related to financial support are available for download here. All questions about financial support forms and procedures should be directed to Pamela Tiangco at (818) 732-3060.

Course Expectations

Immersion courses are academically substantive. Depending on the course, students may be asked to read, write, journal, build, rehearse, perform, draw, or engage in other formal assignments and assessments. Course readings and other homework will be assigned.

Deadlines, Commitments, Payments

All students must complete their course sign-up form by Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Students whose top choices have an additional fee course must submit the sign-up forms form accompanied by a travel deposit of $900 (travel deposits are refundable if the student does not accept placement in the course). Final payments for trips are due by August 1. To be eligible for travel, students must meet all deadlines and be in good academic and behavioral standing. For information on financial support for trips, please see Program Overview, above.

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