Passion for Fashion


For grades 8 - 9



Course Description:

This course will introduce students to the Los Angeles fashion industry, apparel resources, and provide opportunities to design and create garments and accessories. Students will learn the fashion design process and learn how to create mood boards with color palettes, fabric swatches, photographs, and tear sheets. These mood boards are the tools that designers use to translate their design concepts into garments for their collections. During our critiques, students will learn how to create a point of view, target a market, and write up their design concept for a seasonal line. Designers, stylists, fashion journalists, marketing representatives, and other fashion professionals, including Oakwood alums, will inspire students. During our hands-on workshops, students will learn basic sewing skills, from how to operate a sewing machine to various hand stitching techniques. We will transform and embellish clothes, make accessories, sew a simple garment, repurpose a vintage or used garment, create graphics and logos, and silkscreen graphics onto t-shirts. In addition to fashion design, students will learn from stylists how magazine editorials are produced, and we will create our own fashion stories.

A visit to FIDM and the downtown fashion district will provide hands-on experience in the field. Our discussions and trips to showrooms will include taking a critical look at branding and the marketing of fashion to teens, as well as other issues in the local and global apparel industry. On the final day, we will showcase and celebrate our creations by styling and photographing them for our group portfolio. If you love fashion and making things, this is the class for you!


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