Greetings Class of 2024!


It was great to meet most of you at the New Student Orientation on Saturday! Welcome again to the Oakwood Secondary School community! This letter is to follow up on the information and instructions given to you at the orientation for selecting your Immersion 2018 course preferences.


Immersion 2018 (December 4-14)

My goal is to match you with the Immersion course that follows your interests and will provide you with the best opportunities for growth. In order to find that best match, you’ll need to identify the courses and experiences that resonate most for you and explain what you want to learn and why you feel certain course represent the best fit for those goals.


Take the following steps in order to help me find the most appropriate placement for you:

  1. Review the potential courses being offered in our Immersion 2018 catalog. Make a list of the courses you are most excited about and the reasons why you would prefer to have that specific learning experience. Note that courses with a travel component will require an additional travel fee (see note below), which may not be finalized yet. You may refer to previous years to get an idea of how much that fee will be.

  2. Reach out the course teacher listed to get specific questions about the course answered. Any general questions about the Immersion program should come to me.

  3. Check out the online survey form we are using for placements to see the writing prompts for explaining your course preferences. I would strongly suggest writing out your responses on a separate document then pasting them into the survey when you’re ready to submit.

  4. Review your choices with your parent(s)/guardian(s).

  5. Complete the online survey form and submit by May 18.

  6. You will receive a form to confirm your choices and to be signed and returned to me. My goal is to confirm enrollments by the end of the school year.


Below are the main factors considered in determining placements for Immersion courses. These factors will be considered together with your written responses to the survey prompts. Answering the questions with detail and care will help your cause! The more information we have, the better we can align your preferences with the most appropriate learning experience for you.

         • The guiding principles are fairness and equity. We want every student to have the opportunity to take their desired courses in the long run. So, your previous placements will be weighed against your past preferences and opportunities.

         • Group dynamics and diversity within courses

         • Performance and comportment with regard to previous in-class and field explorations and previous travel experiences


Other notes to consider:

         • The potential courses you select may not be available next year. Occasionally, Immersion courses listed in the catalog may be canceled or postponed for reasons such as travel advisories, low enrollment, the absence of a teacher, or other concerns.

         • Financial support is available for all Immersion courses that charge an additional travel or materials fee. Please DO NOT LIMIT your choices due to financial concerns. Immersion courses are intended to be accessible to everyone. You will receive more information about affording Immersion once we have finalized costs. Please use this link to learn more about financial support for Immersion:

         • ATHLETES: please note that MOST traveling courses will likely conflict with your athletics schedule. Please do not select courses you know you will not be able to participate in due to overlap with your sports season. Consult the Athletics Department to help with this determination.


If you have any questions at all about the Immersion program or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Phu Tranchi

Director of Experiential Learning