What I learned on the First Day of Immersion

Observations by Rich Brunner...

·      Count Bassie gets categorized under Swing Music and New Orleans Jazz

·      Jazz musicians got sick of people dancing to their music all the time, so the started writing more complex music that people couldn’t dance to. They wanted people to take Jazz seriously and listen to it intellectually.

·      Creating a Board Game has a lot of Essential Elements, including WHAT IS THE STORY OF YOUR GAME, WHAT IS THE GOAL OF YOUR GAME, HOW DOES THE GAME START AND END.

·      Human Beings are natural storytellers

·      Photographs of the beginnings of building the Railroad System in the U.S. helped to ‘sell’ the idea of Western Expansion

·      90% of the Labor Force for Western Railroad expansion were Chinese Americans, but the vast majority of photographs from that era show practically no Chinese Americans at all in them.

·      Is a photograph fact or fiction?

·      What makes an iconic photo?

·      Is a photograph ART or HISTORY?

·      Costa Rican mammals include: Tapirs, Jaguars, River Otters, Crab-eating Raccoons, and Hooded Skunks

·      A good basic knowledge of idiomatic and practical Spanish is really beneficial when visiting Costa Rica

·      Rolling your ‘r’s’ is NOT easy for English speakers

·      Everybody should be trained in protection and self-defense

·      Be Aware! Be Balanced! Be Intentional! These are three elements of self-defense practice that are also essential for all sports activities

·      The most important word in self-defense is NO!

·      Make a dish the way it should be made and then if someone can’t eat it because of some ingredients, so be it.

·      To understand the food of a particular culture you have to, first, research the Geography, the Climate, the History and the Modern Life of that culture.

·      Tell a story about an unknown food or uncommon food you are serving and then part of the fear of eating it dissipates.

·      Cut new foods up in pleasant shapes, stick a toothpick in it and serve it

·      Drones can be used for fun, not just for surveillance

·      Obstacles courses for drone races can be made from chairs, tables, duct tape and bicycle tires

·      Santiago is the patron saint of Spain and is called “the Moor Killer”

·      Playing games is a great way to get to know your travel mates

·      Catholics killed all the Muslims in Spain

·      Spain serves a LOT of ham

·      Mattresses in Spain are like cardboard

·      You have to watch out for the Gypsy Culture in Spain – they can be tricky!


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