What Did You Learn About Yourself You Didn’t Know Before Your Immersion?

Students Voices on campus during Immersion...solicited by Rich Brunner

·      Patience runs very low in the food line. I didn’t know I was so impatient about lunch.

·      I know how to invest effectively

·      I know more about the Stock Market. Okay, I didn’t know there WAS a Stock Market before

·      How to use film in a camera and print it. All my photos up to then were taken with my iPhone and printing? Who prints photos?

·      How to use a dark room

·      Didn’t know I had a passion for taking photos.

·      I need a better work ethic!

·      Food burns really quickly in oil

·      Food tastes better outside

·      Learning something new takes patience

·      Sometimes the truth is painful and confronting

·      Learning from the students is always surprising! They invest in the stock market with an open mind, partly because it’s not real money, but also because we said ‘here, try this’ and they do. Adults stop doing that.

·      It’s really fascinating spending all day on one subject.

·      I wish I’d paid better attention the first week.

·      You can keep investing during lunch

·      Wouldn’t it be terrible if there were no vegetarian or vegan options for lunch for the Animal Rights class?

·      The process of planning ANYTHING is daunting – doing it by yourself seems impossible.

phu tranchi