Things that were new about week two of Immersion:

More observations from Rich Brunner...

·      Swing and the Charleston came into prominence in the 1920’s and the 30’s brought the Lindy Hop (named after famous aviator Charles Lindburgh after his ‘hop’ across the pond from New York to London).

·      The Lindy Hop is the precursor to the Jitterbug

·      The Jitterbug – an original song and dance number from 1938’s The Wizard of Oz was cut from the final version of the film because it was considered to be too controversial of a dance for the general public.

·      Films of people dancing the Charleston depicted mostly white people dressed in elegant and expensive clothing; while films of people doing the Lindy Hop were mostly black people dressed in various servant uniforms: waitresses, mechanics, cooks and maids.

·      Racism is about complicity – it’s about permission.

·      Re-watching movies that have controversial material in them re-layer your experience. Sometimes what shocks you the first time is less shocking in subsequent viewings. Sometimes it can be even more shocking and you uncover new information about yourself.

·      Sometimes to get through life you have to poke fun at yourself.

·      Taco/Food trucks have a personality that usually reflects the owner. But the owner and how the truck looks are only two of the ten or more criteria by which food purveyors are judged.

·      Food has a cultural identity which usually reflects the cultural identity of that culture in the larger sense, but not always. For instance, Tacos are usually associated with Korean culture.

·      Deep dives into videos about animal cruelty are highly disturbing even when prepared and forewarned of the content.

·      Last Chance for Animals (LCA) is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating animal exploitation through education, investigations, legislation, and media attention. LCA is considered the FBI of Animal Rights.

·      It’s unfortunate to note that there are numerous positions and careers in animal advocacy around the world.

·      Classrooms DO NOT make good kitchens!

·      When you walk into a classroom discussion, without context, the discussion can seem very strange. I thought they were talking about politics and governmental policy and it turned out it was about the best Taco trucks.

phu tranchi