As Quickly as It Began

Incredibly, we’re down to the last two days of Immersion. Students and teachers are furiously collaborating, assembling final projects and presentations and working toward culminating moments. There are signs of vigor and signs of fatigue, as students have “become wholeheartedly immersed in their work.” Burgeoning confidence reflects evidence of growing skill sets and mindsets, and the determination to progress. Within just a few days of immersive learning, tepid voices have become authoritative and developing skills have become proficient. Lunchtime and break conversations demonstrate a depth of engagement that should make every teacher proud, while the class discussions would astonish virtually any educator. All the work and planning that has gone into Immersion is shining through as “teachers and learners...inspire one another.” Sadly, it seems to be ending as quickly as it began, but the memories and understanding developed through these experiences will undoubtedly sustain.

phu tranchi