Back in Action!

Now that the air has mostly cleared and the immediate hazards are behind us, Immersion 2017 is finally in full swing! Students are deeply immersed in gaming and game shows, the science of nature and the magical, appreciating and creating music, analyzing films and writing screenplays, exploring global cuisines and food culture, building, creating, investing, investigating, and learning by doing. Excursions span our great city and state, geographically and culturally, interacting with an amazing array of speakers, authors, artists, and activists. The incredible breadth of experiential learning happening now is mind boggling and paints a fascinating picture of who we are as individuals in societies. Students are examining themselves and others, grappling with issues of race, self-preservation and defense, and the evolution of modern culture and personal identity through their own minds and bodies and through a broad diversity of artistic and creative expression.

We have a group in Alabama coincidentally in the midst of a critical election and moment in modern political history, as they explore the roots of the civil rights movement of the 60s. One class is exploring the coast of Hawaii and the newest earth created, while another class is atop mountains that are scores of millions of years old; pondering existential questions from above, below and everywhere in between. Our last group of sojourners arrived in New Orleans last night, finally ready to explore the Origins of Jazz at ground zero. Longer journeys have brought our students all over the world to learn about different languages and cultures and their influences, tropical biodiversity and environmental science, ocean sailing and navigation.

Students are being stretched, challenged, inspired, and galvanized through learning experiences that are, indeed, “predominantly positive and joyful, and where their relationships with teachers, and with one another, are caring and trusting.” This IS Immersion!

phu tranchi