LA Rides: Because Nobody Walks in LA


For grades 10 - 12



Course Description:

Did you know that there are 15,967 bus stops as well as 93 Metro Rail Stations covering greater Los Angeles, and that over 1.2 million use this intricate network every day? In fact, despite getting a bad reputation on its car-centric culture and horrendous traffic, LA has found itself at the top of the Brookings Institutes list of 100 metro areas offering public transportation. This immersion course is designed to give the students confidence and familiarity in understanding individual and public transportation. As students join the California driving community, it is important to understand how the community at large travels on a day to day basis.

In the first week, the days will be filled with professional instruction in Skateboarding and Bicycle safety. We will have lessons with at the North Hollywood Skate park and go on long rides through designated city bike paths. We will take a deep look into the LA Metro Transit System and its history and gain familiarity and confidence in navigating Los Angeles using bikes and skateboards. Students should be prepared for 10-15 miles of bike riding. In week 2, we will meet with retired law enforcement and go through course work and simulations that will demonstrate safe driving practices. This course will culminate during week 2 with an all day defensive driving intensive on a closed course, where students.

Pre-Requisites: Have a CA Learners Permit and know how to ride a bike.

Additional Course Fees: up to $400



Schedule and detailed information is available to students and their families via Oakwood Connected.


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