Los Angeles Photo Project


For grades 7-8



Course Description:

Explore Los Angeles through walking and taking photographs. In this class you will learn the basics of film cameras: aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how to process black and white film and print photos in the darkroom. We will also cover digital photography and image composition before heading out to explore some of LA’s incredibly varied neighborhoods and landscapes. We will take the metro to downtown LA for a day of street and architectural photography; we’ll visit Grand Central Market, Union Station, and take Angel’s Flight to get a perspective on downtown from above. We’ll draw upon the work of photographers from different time periods to talk about framing and how to create aesthetically dynamic images.  Should people be included in your photograph? How does the natural world interact with the built environment? We’ll also spend some time on landscape photography and composition, with possible field trips to the LA River, Playa del Rey, and Vasquez Rocks.  The final project will require each student to produce a portfolio of five images.



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Since this course will be off campus most days, make certain your child’s emergency contact information is up to date. Check with Tree in the front office if you need to make changes.

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