Korea: Past, Present, and Future of the Peninsula


For grades 10 - 12



Course Description:

With its 9,000 years of rich history, Korea has a lot to offer from art, science, music and of course, food. Students will explore not only Seoul, which has been the capital city for more than 600 years, but various parts of Korea; exploring the nature and distinct culture of southern part of Korea. One of the places includes Gyungju where the entire city is preserved as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Students will admire a remarkable concentration of outstanding Korean Buddhist art, and the remains of temples and palaces between the 7th and 10th centuries. On the other hand, visits to Imjingak Village, Bridge of Freedom, and Seodaemun Prison will be rather solemn experiences, learning about the Korean War, Japanese colonization and the Independence Movement. Some of the unique hands-on experiences include Korean calligraphy, cooking Korean dishes, and temple stays.

Travel Dates: December 7-16

Supplemental Fee: $3000


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