Kayaking & Connecting 


For grades 9-12



Course Description:

A personal connection with the natural world enlivens the human spirit. Our Land and Oceans are the lifeblood of the planet Earth and humankind. The air that we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the products that keep us warm, safe, informed, and entertained — they all come from our land and oceans. The sheer number of people who use and depend on our natural world, and the sometimes unwise practices we adopt, risk the very ecosystems on which our survival depends. Humans have created problems such as over harvest of resources, reduction in biodiversity, and degradation of natural habitats and species.

This course will provide students with the opportunity to explore and deepen their relationship with the world around them. The world around us is changing, and students will need to make decisions which affect the fate of our earth, their fellow students and themselves. Students have the opportunity to simplify their lives for a few days, camp, kayak, hike and simply connect with the natural world and some of our National Parks. In turn they will observe the trickle affect their actions will have on the environment and humans surrounding them. Additionally, exploring the world of leadership and community will not only empower their own lives but the lives of others. They will be able to connect with nature, their classmates, teachers and others from the community and create new friendships along the way. 

Come explore Nature like never before and learn to become better stewards of our ecosystems preparing the world for future generations.

Approx Travel Fee: TBD



Schedule and detailed information is available to students and their families via Oakwood Connected.



Emergency & Faculty Contact information:

In the event of an emergency during an overnight trip, you can contact us at the following numbers.  We will have direct access to all travel groups.

During school hours: Call Tree at (818) 732-3000 or Phu Tranchi at (818) 732-3195.

Nicollee Inguagiato: ninguagiato@oakwoodschool.org