Golf for Life


For grades 7-10



Course Description:

Immersing yourself in our golf class is the first step toward a lifelong hobby. Our two week course will teach you everything from basic techniques to sophisticated course management.  We will golf at some of LA’s most unique par-3 courses as well as receive individual lessons from professional golf instructors. The course goes beyond physical training, though, utilizing a computer program called MyBrainTrainer, a sophisticated program designed to help students develop quicker reactions, greater focus and consistency in their performance. Golf, like many other sports, requires excellent timing, hand-eye-coordination and focus and MyBrainTrainer is recognized as one of the leading neurological tools to facilitate these skills. In Golf for Life, we will train you to think and play like a top tier golfer, showcase the newest technology on the market and give you the necessary tools to play the most beautiful game on earth.

Fundamentals, skill building and etiquette will be emphasized; both golf addicts and those with no prior experience are encouraged to sign up.



Schedule and detailed information is available to students and their families via Oakwood Connected.


Emergency & Faculty Contact information:

Since this course will venture off campus, please be sure that your emergency contact information is accurate in our school database.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Tree Corbett in the front office (818-732-3000).

During school hours: Call Tree at (818) 732-3000 or Phu Tranchi at (818) 732-3195.

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