Exploring Artistic Subcultures


For grades 11 - 12



Course Description:

The purpose of Exploring Artistic Subcultures is to gain an understanding of local and global contemporary art practices, as they exist outside of the mainstream commercial art world. Through this understanding, students will form a community amongst each other, gain insights into their own budding artistic practices, and most importantly, get a sense of confidence and agency in pursuing a creative life (within or external to the confines of the global art market).

We will spend the first couple days in Los Angeles, visiting and learning about various local artist-run spaces. These will range from performance spaces to galleries to studio and community centers. During these site visits, students will have an opportunity to hear directly from participants, directors, and founders of the spaces. The format of the visits will be a talk by the host and a group conversation with them and our students. After each visit, students will be asked to write about the impact of the space on the local community, the general arts scene, the global art market, and themselves as viewers.

We will then travel to New York City. Throughout the travel component, students will be able to compare and contrast NYC’s arts spaces to those located in Los Angeles. In doing so, they will gain a more nuanced understanding of how our own artistic culture and subcultures function, as well as what’s possible and happening outside of LA city limits.

The final product of the course will be an arts space created by the students themselves. We’ll be leaving it up to them to decide on the location (preferably on campus), mission and accompanying statement, programming, and budget for their space. We will also give students the option to work together as a class or to break into smaller teams.

Travel Dates: TBD

Estimated Supplemental Fee: $1000



More Information:

Schedule and detailed information is available to students and their families via Oakwood Connected.


Emergency & Faculty Contact information:

In the event of an emergency, you can contact us at the following numbers.  We will have direct access to all travel groups.

During school hours: Call Tree at (818) 732-3000 or Phu Tranchi at (818) 732-3195.

Dina Dean:  ddean@oakwoodschool.org


how to send us your pictures & Other media:

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